IBM PC 5150 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

Limited Edition run of 40 Units

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I was delighted to see your extraordinary miniature of the product. You are truly gifted and your work is impeccable! Thanks for doing what you do.

Tom Hardy, IBM 5150 industrial designer

On August 12th 1981 IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer model 5150. With its Intel 8088 processor running at 4.77 Mhz, its architecture became a standard on which modern computers are still based today!

This 1:10 scale model replica is a limited special edition run of 40 copies. The 3D printed model is designed, assembled and painted by hand. It comes with an acrylic cover and working TFT screen that displays a video slideshow when plugged into a USB power source.

Extreme care and precision was needed to make this model with incredible details, from the logo on the floppy drives down to the screws on the chassie, even the keyboard legs can fold up and down!

This miniature is a labor of love made to commemorate this historical computer and the people who built it and changed the world.

The model comes with a plaque inspired by the original badge found on the 5150, and a miniature 5 1/4 floppy disk that you can placed where ever looks best. It also includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

You can pre-order this scaled replica now. The first batch will start shipping in October 2021. New orders will ship in December 2021. See the store page for more details!